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Here goes the memory

June 19, 2009

This morning, as I warmed up my shower, my wife, Sandy, knocked on the door and reminded me that I had showered the evening before.
Nothing particularly remarkable about this. Sometimes I shower twice a day, especially if the weather is hot and I have been outside and worked up a sweat.
The weather is not hot, and I didn’t go outside from yesterday evening to this morning.
The fact is that I forgot that I had showered recently.
Is this an early sign of Alzeimer’s or dementia? Or did I just plain forget?
More likely, it’s just a lack of noticing. As long as Sandy is around, her noticing (keeping track, knowing exactly what I do and when I do it, everything but putting little “x-s” on the calendar) will provide enough notice for both of us.
In the meantime, I’m especially clean today.