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Yikes! Just ret…

June 12, 2012

Yikes! Just returned from a lovely cruise through the Baltic capitals plus St. Petersburg. What a wonderful part of the world.

Not so great is the loss of my personal data assistant, sometimes known as a Palm Pilot. I must have left that pocket of my pack unzipped, and the device fell out in an airport lounge or possibly jammed under the little space under the seat in front of me, as directed clearly by the flight attendant.

What a lost feeling! All my life is in that thing! All my appointments, conferences, names, addresses, phones and assorted other things that I MUST KNOW.

Whoa. I’ve in an instant deleted all the people that I don’t have reason to talk to any more because the need has passed. They are gone, and I don’t have that twinge of guilt or regret and removing them.

I can truly start over, and there is something very refreshing about that.

I’ll just have to get a new device and start with a clean slate. Isn’t that what new life is about, anyway?