Sports fan?

I have never been one to watch sports on tv.

I’ve always had something else to do while Monday Night Football was on. I’ve always thought the World Series to be a drag, slow and boring. I’ve always found something else to do when the Super Bowl was played. New Year’s Day found me taking a long walk in the South and having a big dinner in the North.

So what has happened to me? I am glued to the tv during the London Olympics, beginning with the open ceremony yesterday and continuing today with swimming and volleyball, both court and beach. And I’m loving every minute, allowing for my blessed mute button through the commercials or fast-forwarding when recorded.

Much of it is the international and global flavor of the Olympics. While our congress gets stuck with partisan politics, and conversations about the world economy are just that–talk with no action, the Olympic games represent the best of our youth and younger generation.

I also admire the amateur nature of the participants. These thousands of people who strive to do their best aren’t being paid a penny beyond their expenses.

Guess I’ll have to reevaluate myself. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself, and am willing to admit that my admiration for the young people I see on screen lifts my hope for a global future.

Thank you, participants in the London Olympics. You have gotten me watching you, and I very much like what I see.



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