doctor visit

Yesterday found me going to my urologist for an annual checkup. I left the appointment determined that I was going to find another doctor the next time. By the time I got home, I had reconsidered.

Like in my own field, the ministry, we tend to require that our doctors be all things to all of us. We want them to be friendly, helpful, cheerful, competent, positive, assertive, good listeners, and on and on. Since no one yet has become all things to all people, we have to choose the particular competencies that we need and maybe want.

I’ve concluded that this particular doc is one that I would trust to tell me the truth about my condition, and would do all in his ability to treat me should the need arise. Never mind that he is, at times, sarcastic. Never mind that he is not the friendliest doc in the clinic. Never mind that his accent is at times difficult to understand.

I wish he were friendlier, more cheerful, more evidently happy to see me. But he is not those things. What I suspect he is is that he is a highly competent physician and surgeon.

I think I’ll stay with him. I hope that I will need to see him very seldom in the future.


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