Really retired?

Today, for the first time, I feel really retired.

I finished my work as Director of Pastoral Services at William Temple House, Portland, after a 16 year go, in mid-May. The first few days were spent in going through all the accumulated stuff that I moved out of the office and into the car and then the house. That took some time and energy.

Further, Sandy and I were looking ahead a few weeks to a long-planned cruise of the Norwegian fjords, taking us from Copenhagen up the west coast of Norway above the Arctic Circle and to the North Cape. Planned for the summer solstice, the experience of 24 hour days was an event to lose several nights’ sleep over. We arrived home after another 24 hour day on the plane, plenty sleepy and looking forward to a week of jet lag.

Sunday had me fulfilling a preaching duty that I agreed to some weeks ago. I drew on reserve strength and delivered a careful mass and a moderately good homily, not my best but probably not my worst.

Now, it’s Monday morning. There is no job to go to, no commute to consider, no plans for the work day. I will eat, and nap, and read, and go to bed early and expect to get up early tomorrow, partly on European time still. Life feels different today.

I’m not concerned about my retirement future. I have plans, some of which are realistic. I will dive into the achieving of some of them.

For today, and for the next several days, I am just…retired.





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