Another Passage

Tomorrow, a towing company designate will come and take away my ancient Nissan Sentra that I am donating to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

That little car is the best I have ever owned. Except for a tired timing belt some years ago, the only money I have paid for its maintenance has been two or three times a year for an oil change, and once or twice for a tune up.

The last time I took it in for a tune up, the man said that it was developing a leaky head gasket. The quoted cost of repair is more than the car is worth. Donating a twenty year old car seemed more prudent than selling or trading.

Sandy and I will now be a one car household. Both of my children have shamed me in this regard. In spite of their youth, active lives, and (in one case) a child, they have remained one car families.

I am annoyed when I see a family with four or five or more cars parked outside. Does everyone have to have instant access to a car at all times?

So now I can feel superior to such suburban families and gladly (or not) take the bus and light rail to anywhere I want to go. Such trips are considerably fewer than in years past.

On the minus side of this decision is the occasional inconvenience of not being able to drive whenever and wherever I want. On the positive side is the saving of tax, licensing, insurance, and (minimal) maintenance on an aging vehicle, and the sense that I’m doing something to slow down global warming.

I will find a way to get to where ever I want to go. Other times, I will remain home, recognizing that I didn’t really want to go to that meeting in the first place, and now I have an acceptable excuse.





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