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75 Years Old

December 30, 2016

75! How can this be possible?

Family lore has it that I was due to be born on or about December 7, 1941. That was, of course, Pearl Harbor Day. A Day of Infamy, to quote the then POTUS, Franklin Roosevelt.

I didn’t show up for three weeks later. I have commented on the information that my due date was when it was, saying that I took a brief look at the shape the world was to be, and so crawled back in where it was nice and safe and warm for a while longer. By the time December 29 arrived, my mother was well ready to be rid of me.

As history would reveal, the world was already in pretty terrible shape by the time that the USA was dragged into war. Already by this day, thousands and thousands of people in Western and Eastern Europe were surviving, or not, in the most terrible condition imaginable.

Three quarters of a century. I have been truly blessed. I have visited more countries that I can count, and have made at least interstate highway rest stops in 49 of our 50 states. Only Iowa awaits.

The Facebook posting of my birthday lists over a hundred greetings. A hundred! I can hardly believe that I have 100 friends. I’m not a very public person, and highly introverted, too. Life of the party I am not nor have I ever been. A hundred! Yes, I am truly blessed.

I asked my wife, Sandy, if today I should start to wonder aloud whether I would see another birthday. She said no. OK, I’ll wait another year or six for that question.

Still playing the clarinet, still singing, still active as a (retired) Episcopal priest, still walking city streets and mountain paths. Still traveling, still voting, still writing, still a number of things. Yes, very blessed and very grateful.

Thank you so much for all your greetings. I love you.